Import Operations 2: The Process

The second in a series of three, this course addresses FDA import and export programs, procedures, and policies and introduces the process followed during import proceedings. This course concentrates on how FDA regulates products pre-entry, types of entries, how FDA makes decisions about entries, and the resources available to assist with entry decisions. Topics in this course include: Pre-Entry, Food Safety, Entries, Entry Decisions, Resources, Examination, Analysis, Admissibility, and Enforcement. After completing this course, learners will be able to recognize the approaches and processes FDA uses to determine whether or not an import entry is in compliance with current import regulations.

After this course learners will be able to identify pre-entry activities, types of entries, and evaluation of entries. recognize types of import resources, examinations of products and evaluations of documentary evidence, and analysis of samples. identify the resources available to assist in making admissibility decisions. recognize the import operations process and fda enforcement actions.