Environmental Control and Monitoring

It is important for all personnel involved in the manufacturing of sterile products and medical devices to understand how to maintain the quality of the cleanroom environment through environmental control and monitoring. This course examines regulatory requirements for environmental control and monitoring and how to prevent particulate and microbiological contamination of sterile products and devices. Topics in this course include: Purpose, Control, Monitoring, Documentation, and Prevention. After completing this course, learners will be able to recognize the methods of environmental control and monitoring, and identify how to prevent contamination.

After this course learners will be able to recognize the definition of environmental control and environmental monitoring. recognize how cleanrooms are classified according to international organization for standardization (iso) standards and what operations are typically carried out in various classifications. identify the methods for environmental control and monitoring in cleanrooms and what your company’s written program should include. recognize how to prevent viable and non-viable particulate contamination.