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Health Care

Introduction to Specialty Pharmacy Management

About the Course

Specialty drugs are the fastest growing component of prescription drug expenditures because of enormous increases in availability and use, coupled with drug cost inflation. This online training course covers the proactive management of specialty medications in order to help payers control costs and maximize the value of these therapies. Topics in the eLearning course include: Definition, Drug Spend, Strategies, Cost Management, Utilization Management, Clinical Care Management, and Selecting a Provider. After completing this training, learners will be able to identify the major types of specialty pharmacy drugs and how they are administered to patients; recognize the costs of specialty pharmacy therapies and their impact on drug expenditures; recognize the difference in managing specialty drugs in the medical and drug benefit; identify strategies for controlling costs of specialty pharmacy drugs; identify approaches for managing utilization of specialty pharmacy drugs; and recognize the criteria for selecting a specialty pharmacy provider.